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Sa Pasa Jotter Pen

Sa Pasa Jotter Pen

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Sa Pasa, writes in black

Life be life-ing sometimes, you know? But! Sa pasa!! (It is what it is!!)

"Sa pasa"
This phrase in Papiamento doesn't have a direct translation. It is more like a saying that we use when..."Shit happens...Life goes on...Sa pasa."

Decked out Jotter Pens with these inspirational or snarky Papiamento phrases, making them the perfect little extra to add to any gift, you know? Like, the ultimate motivational "because I totally thought about you" kind of present.

It's, like, giving a piece of sunshine with every stroke of the pen!

At Paper Sisters Stationery, we're like totally obsessed with celebrating our native language, Papiamento! It's the heart and soul of the ABC islands: Aruba, Bonaire & Curacao. πŸ’–Β So, like, why not spread some island love with these fab pens?

Seriously, whether you're treating your BFFs or just splurging on yourself (because, like, you totally deserve it), these pens are the! And hey, snagging them as a unique souvenir from Aruba? It's, like, bringing a piece of paradise home with you! πŸŒ΄πŸ’•