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Mi ta Mal Coño Sticker Vinyl Waterproof Sticker In Papiamento

Mi ta Mal Coño Sticker Vinyl Waterproof Sticker In Papiamento

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"I'm the shit" Your reminder and a daily affirmation to start your day like a badass that you are.

"Mi ta mal coño"

This phrase in Papiamento directly translate to "I'm a freaking badass"

At Paper Sisters Stationery, we're like totally obsessed with celebrating our native language, Papiamento! It's the heart and soul of the ABC islands: Aruba, Bonaire & Curacao. 💖

With our original phrases and designs, Paper Sisters Stationery is all about adding some serious sparkle to your notebooks, laptops, office space, planner, and agenda. It's, like, happiness in every page turn, you know? Whether you're treating your besties or just, like, showering yourself with love, our goodies are the bomb dot com! And hey, why not snag them as a super cute & unique souvenir from Aruba? It's, like, a slice of paradise to take home with you! 🌴✨

Go wild with our tough, all-weather and waterproof stickers - they'll add just the right flair for your adventures! They'll stick to your laptops, phone cases, water bottles, surfboards and even your car!

P.S. designs exclusively available at P.S.

Size: 2"x1.95"