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Bonaire Orders Payment & Shipping Policy

Shipping Policy to Bonaire  
We ship our orders once a week through Rapid Logistic and it's a flat rate shipping of 55 Aruban florins. 
Client will need to pick up their order at Rapid Logistics' office: Kaya Industria-Suit z/n
A valid ID of the customer (who the packaged is addressed to) is required during pick-up as well as a reference number provided by us. 

When we process your order we check if the payment has been received on our bank accounts.
When the payment has been received, we will start processing and packing your order so it can be sent out that week with Rapid Logistics.  
We will notify you when it has been shipped out and give you the reference  number for your package as well. Package are usually sent out every Thursday. 

This is the easiest and most economical service we can provide you guys!

Paper Sisters is not responsible for any extra custom fees that might be charged to you when you receive your package.

Payment methods for our customers from Bonaire: 
We are working with other payment methods but we are currently accepting the following payment methods: 

Dutch Bank Account: 
Bank: ABN Amro
Beneficiary Name: JTD Ras 
Account #: NL13 ABNA 0475166272
Please fill in your order # in the description

PayPal Payment:
Contact us so we can send you a payment link