Amor Propio Workshop Aug 6th

Amor Propio Workshop Aug 6th

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The Power of Self-Love
An introduction to the basic principles of self-love and the power that comes with loving oneself through all stages of life.

Do you love yourself? Do you accept yourself as you are? Are you aware of the power that comes with loving yourself? Self-Love Movement Aruba together with Paper Sisters present to you: The Power of Self-Love, an interactive introduction to the basic principles of self-love and the power that comes with loving oneself through all stages of life. During this workshop, participants will get an introduction into the topic of self-love, the importance of loving oneself and the science behind it.

What you can expect:
* insights on self-love
Self-love is a popular topic nowadays and it pops-up everywhere, from podcasts to Instagram pages to stores selling products that help support it. But do you know what self-love really is? During this workshop we will share with you evidence-based information to help you understand self-love from a broader point of view.

* how to apply self-love in your daily life
In your day-to-day life, self-love is a driving force. In this segment we will give you tips, tricks and the right tools on how to practice self-love on a daily basis.

* relationships and loving yourself completely
Do you know the difference between healthy and toxic relationships and what role self-love plays in both? We will share with you knowledge on what toxic relationships are, what healthy relationships should be and how practicing self-love will give you the control over both.

* why prioritizing your wellbeing is important
Self-love entails much more than just loving yourself. In this part we will give you insight on what self-love does to your wellbeing and how taking care of yourself should be your number 1 priority when it comes to loving yourself.

* dealing with negative people in a positive way
Have you ever wondered why negative people have an influence on you? This workshop will give you tips on how to deal with negativity with positivity and aims to mitigate the influence negative people can have on you.

* exersises that will help you on your way to loving yourself
Part of loving yourself is doing the work, inner-work to be exact. In this part of the workshop we will have different exercises you can do to help you gain insightful information about yourself and stimulate you to love yourself more.

What you will get:
* A workbook created by Self-Love Movement Aruba with information, tools, exersises, tips and tricks on the topic of self-love
* A goodie bag with goodies that help you cultivate self-love
* Networking moment to exchange information, newly acquired knowledge and experiences about this topic

Join us on Friday, August 6 and 13 at 7.30PM for a night filled with valuable information that will leave you much more inspired and loving yourself (more) moving forward.